Hello! I am so happy and excited...


...that you want to enhance your vocality! The voice is an interesting mechanism that can be very challenging to tame. Which is where I come in... Most people that say that they want to “learn how to sing,” already know “how.” It’s much simpler than most believe it to be. You just open your mouth and SING! Everyone and anyone can do it. Yet, it takes practice, persistence, and dedication to train the voice you have. This task is, at the same time, both extremely easy and extremely difficult. Easy, because we are all equipped with a voice and we can feel how it works. Difficult, because we cannot see our voices; they are invisible and intangible. So we must use our physical instinct and our ears to pay critical attention to how we vocalize and, from there, make the necessary adjustments. Through my experience singing in so many different genres, settings, and for different occasions, I have developed a method of teaching that pulls from all of these elements. In my vocal studio, we will work on:


  • Gaining a feel and command for your own vocal mechanism.

  • Finding your VOICE: Making sure that you are singing the right music for your vocal style and also that connects directly to you, the vocalist.

  • Exercises in breathing and vocalization that will lessen fatigue and enhance the strength, endurance, and quality of your voice.

  • Music Theory and Ear-Training: No matter what anyone says, vocalists are musicians too! We must prove this through our knowledge of music fundamentals.

  • Building your repertoire, which is necessary for performance.

  • Arranging and Communication with your accompanying musicians or band.

  • Exercising variation and creativity through improvisation.

  • How to Perform! You can have a great voice, but the interpretation of what you’re singing is equally important. Everyone’s style is different, and we will find and develop YOUR style!


As your vocal coach, it is my personal responsibility to make sure that you get the most out of your instrument. No matter if you are a first time vocal student, or an already established vocalist that needs a bit more coaching. Whatever your story or experience, we will work at it together!

“Mikaela is a great teacher! She's helpful, she knows what she's talking about, she's patient -- and most importantly she's fun! :)”

-Kristina H.

1 Hour Lesson - $60.00

45 Minute Lesson - $50.00

30 Minute Lesson - $35.00

“Mikaela is wonderful. She is very honest but kind, talented and extremely enthusiastic. I am learning so much from her. Not only is she helping me with my voice but she is offering me so many ways to enjoy learning about my voice, through rewriting songs and playing the piano and guitar. More than I could have imagined to learn with just voice lessons. I really look forward to my lesson as I am hearing my voice improve each week.”

-Cindy J.

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