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Mikaela Romero

A burgeoning vocalist, musician, and songwriter based in Seattle, is rapidly gaining in popularity among listeners by performing an eclectic repertoire of music from various cultures from around the world. Endeavoring not to be cast in a single genre, she is just at home performing R&B, Rock, Jazz, Blues, or Hip-Hop, as she is the diverse body of Latin music for which she is known for. Mikaela’s ability to move her audience becomes clear the moment you witness her striking, mellifluous voice coupled with her polished dancing skills. Her passion for music is evident in each and every performance and she is sure to become a strong influence on the music scene in the coming years. 


Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, of Puerto Rican and Polish descent, Mikaela began performing for audiences at an early age as both a dancer and musician. Throughout her formative years she studied classical ballet, modern dance, hip hop and street dance, and world dance traditions, which assisted her in gaining rhythmical fluency. She started formal musical training at age nine when she began studying the cello, for which she had a natural gift. Mikaela immersed herself in music, performing in many competitions in both cello and voice, youth symphony, string ensembles, musicals, as lead cantor in her local church, and in various choirs, one of which took her to perform at Carnegie Hall. With music being such a strong presence in her life, it is not surprising that she would build her career around music.


Romero moved to Seattle in 2003 where she attended school at Cornish College of the Arts, earning a bachelors degree in music. Originally an opera major, Mikaela studied classical music with Dr. Natalie Lerch and Michael Delos. She later changed her focus to Jazz under the guidance of Beth Winter who taught her about improvisation and technique thatwould help her in developing her own style. However, it was her mentor during her years at Cornish, Jovino Santos-Neto , a two time Latin Grammy nominee, who encouraged her to return to her Latin roots and also exposed her to Brazilian music which she quickly fell in love with. Because of a limited Latin curriculum at Cornish, Mikaela with the help of the music department faculty, was able to custom tailor a program that would assist in her development as a Latin performer. As a result, Mikaela received the privilege of being able to work with Carlos Cascante, of Tumbao and Spanish Harlem Orchestra, who coached her in the various styles and aspects of Latin music. Her other influences are Celia Cruz, Olga Tanon, Elis Regina, Anita O’Day, Lila Downs, Erica Badu, and Bob Marley.


Mikaela, a truly versatile artist has performed with some of the most talented musicians in the Pacific Northwest, among whom are: Banda Alecrim, led by Brazilian pianist and composer, Jovino Santos-Neto, Grupo Ashe, a Cuban Timba band led by Cuban master percussionist, Pedrito Vargas, and Sambatuque, a Brazilian/Caribbean Jazz band with which she released the album "Brazilian Songbird" in 2009. Mikaela is currently the lead vocalist of Big World Breaks, a band that fuses World music with hip hop, soul, and funk, under the direction and leadership of Aaron Walker-Loud.


Mikaela remains very committed to working with many musicians on various projects, but most of all, she aspires to perform her own music. She is continuously writing and arranging songs for various projects of all genres and musical traditions. Through her music, she hopes to reach out to people of all cultures. Mikaela Romero is a truly genuine talent whose warm and impassioned voice will positively touch your emotions and is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

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